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For 30+ years we have built a reputation for excellence in engineered films, foils and fabrics for aircraft and spacecraft applications. Our products are qualified on over 100 specifications covering commercial, defense, military, and space program applications. Whether you need us to design a new custom product or need help solving an unexpected challenge, at Dunmore Aerospace we stand ready to go...Above and Beyond.

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Polyimide Tape

Dunmore offers metalizing, laminating and coating services to convert polyimide film into polyimide tape. Dunmore is one of the leading polyimide tape converters in the world, specializing in polyimide tape for spacecraft, aircraft and electronic applications.

Polyimide Tape Converting

Polyimide tape is used in applications where reliable, durable performance is required, often in harsh environments. It also can be engineered and converted to meet specific requirements for mechanical, electrical, temperature and chemical properties. These properties make polyimide tape a good solution in many aircraft and spacecraft applications.

Polyimide Film Tape Industries and Applications

  • Aerospace applications - Polyimide tape is used to insulate wiring on satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles because of its thermal insulation and radiation resistance properties.
  • Aircraft applications - Polyimide aircraft tape is used as wire and cable insulation on aircraft because of its high mechanical strength, dielectric and thermal insulation properties.
  • Electronic applications - Polyimide film tape is ideal for high heat environments, such as consumer electronics.

Dunmore is proficient at coating and metalizing polyimide film on one or both sides, and can process a broad range of film thicknesses. Typical coatings used in our aerospace tape and aircraft tape include:

  • Aluminum
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Germanium / Stamet
  • Gold
  • Indium tin oxide (ITO)
  • Silicon dioxide (SiO2)

Dunmore can also perform laminating, coating and perforating of polyimide tape, along with applying the appropriate conductive or non-conductive adhesive depending on the required functionality.

Since polyimide tape is a high value-added material compared to other alternatives, yield loss during converting is a major concern. Dunmore's efficient web handling capabilities in converting polyimide film into polyimide tape ensures minimal scrap and higher yield, resulting in a cost-competitive finished product.

Other Aerospace Tape Products

In addition to polyimide film tape, Dunmore offers Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) and Polyester Terephthalate (PET) constructions. FEP aerospace tape products are engineered for use in multi layer insulation (MLI) blanket applications and offer excellent physical, thermal insulation and optical properties. FEP aerospace tape is also referred to as a Flexible Optical Solar Reflector (FOSR) and is available with either conductive and non-conductive pressure sensitive adhesive variations. PET aerospace tape offers a more economical solution and may be appropriate for less demanding applications and offers the same available adhesive options.

What is Polyimide Tape?

Polyimide tape is made up of a polyimide film and a pressure sensitive adhesive. Polyimide tape is used for applications that require thermal insulation or electrical insulation properties. The standard polyimide tape adhesive is acrylic based and can either be conductive or non-conductive. Polyimide tapes are also resistant against various chemicals.

Export Regulations

In order to ensure complete compliance with the requirements of the United States Departments of Commerce and State, Dunmore does not include a detailed product catalog or data sheets on our website. If you need technical information, please contact us. We will get back to you immediately. We appreciate your understanding regarding our strict compliance to the regulations.

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