DUN-SOLAR™ PPE+ Backsheets

Polyester Photovoltaic Backsheets

DUNMORE White Black Solar BacksheetDunmore is one of the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic backsheets used in the production of solar panels. With backsheet manufacturing in the US and Europe, DUNMORE has been servicing the domestic and international solar module market for over 10 years. DUN-SOLAR™ backsheets are available in various constructions, and the DUN-SOLAR PPE+ backsheet is a proven and reliable backsheet component used by many solar module manufacturers. DUN-SOLAR PPE+ backsheets have a high performance multi-layer non-fluorinated construction with a hydrolysis resistant and UV stable PET finish layer applied to a polyester core and a PE laminated structure. This polyethylene-based product provides excellent performance in a non-fluorinated film with outstanding UV and hydrolysis resistance for superb electrical, physical, barrier, and thermal properties.

DUN-SOLAR PPE+ backsheets protect PV modules from UV, moisture, and weather while insulating the electrical load of the modules, which can operate up to 1500 VDC. These DUN-SOLAR PPE+ capabilities are essential for functionality and longevity of the photovoltaic modules and safety of people who work with and near the PV module.

DUN-SOLAR PPE+ Construction

DUN-SOLAR PPE+ is a multi-layered all-polyester film lamination designed to be used as the backsheet for photovoltaic solar panels. It acts as a durable protective barrier for the electronic components found in solar panels. PPE Backsheet Construction Diagram

Construction includes:

  • Outer Layer - hydrolysis resistant and UV stable film layer
  • Core - polyester (PET) core
  • Inner Layer - adhesion-promoting PE film
  • Adhesives to join the layers

This construction is specifically engineered for use in photovoltaic backsheet applications requiring superb electrical, physical, barrier and thermal properties. The outer PET layer and the adhesion promoting film provide high white degree and high reflective properties.

Typical PPE+ Product Constructions

  • Thickness range: 230 microns to 400 microns
  • White PV backsheet
  • Black PV backsheet
  • White / Black PV backsheet
  • Clear PV backsheet
  • Custom colors and construction design can be configured to your specifications

DUN-SOLAR PPE+ Technical Properties Summary

  • UV Stability - no visible change after a high performance UV-Stress testing (IEC 61215)
  • Superb electrical properties & thermal properties
  • Superb barrier properties - water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) as low as 1.0 g/m2 per day
  • High reflective properties - up to 93% at 380 - 780 nm / 85% at 380 -1200 nm
  • Shelf life - 12 months (maintained in original packaging) at 59-77°F (15-25°C) and 30-70% relative humidity

Benefits of Using DUN-SOLAR PPE+

  • Improved module efficiency through optimized reflectance characteristics
  • Excellent stability under damp heat and freeze-thaw conditions
  • Superior bond strength across environmental extremes
  • Robust bond to EVA encapsulant and POE encapsulant
  • Chemically resistant
  • Flatness of pv backsheet materials - minimizes waste and improves processing

DUN-SOLAR Credentials

Dunmore is one of the world's leading manufacturers of photovoltaic backsheets, with credentials that include:

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