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Dunmore Cryogenic Insulation Film

Dunmore offers a variety of film and foil constructions from individual film rolls to interleave rolls and laminated film and non-woven constructions, to suit every type of cryogenic application today. In addition, Dunmore provides perforated film and foil blanket materials to allow for rapid evacuation during the vacuum pump down process if that requirement is needed.

Our cryogenic film and cryogenic insulation films are also available using polyimide base films and other materials suitable for specific purposes. Each of these cyrogenic films may be single side metallized or double side metallized to meet the individual low emissivity requirements required to block radiant energy. Other more exotic substrates are available and can also be provided on request for your specific needs.

Dunmore CRYO-SHIELD™ super insulation film is used in the construction of single or multilayer insulation systems. Our cryogenic films and cryogenic insulations products are designed for use in low to high vacuum systems (10-6 Torr) for the storage of liquid natural gas. Cryo-Shield laminated insulation consists of a bonded layer of non woven polyester laminated to a double-side metallized polyester film for storage and transportation of liquefied gases held at 100 K and below.

CRYO-SHIELD Cryogenic Insulation Benefits

Cryo-Shield saves labor in winding multiple layers of different insulation materials while providing the best radiant energy barrier available for cryogenic containers and vacuum jacketed piping. It also:

  • Saves time by eliminating much of the labor in installation
  • Laminate construction is more robust & less prone to tearing than paperous and foil materials
  • Cleaner -- no messy oils to to burn off

Applications for Cryogenic Super Insulation

  • Cryogenic / LNG pipe insulation wrap - Dunmore's super insulation film is a commonly used method of passive thermal insulation for the safe transport of cryogens, such as liquid natural gas (LNG). Typically 40-50% of an overlap shield is used providing additional flexibility. It is available in laminated, interleaved, and / or perforated configurations.
  • LNG / cryogenic transport tankers - Dunmore Cryo-Shield is an effective solution for low emissivity radiant barrier in a high vacuum environment. These layers of reflective film and non-woven intermediate layers provide a consistent barrier for the entire 360° from other types of materials settling or shifting during transport. These materials are available in laminated, interleaved and/or perforated rolls in different widths for easy wrapping during the assembly process.
  • Vertical cryo tanks - Our super insulation is designed to provide complete coverage of all components in the vacuum jacket area. The materials are superior to particulate materials which can settle, creating hot-spots or voids in the jacket and causing irregularities in the containment temperature.

Why Use Dunmore CRYO-SHIELD™ Multilayer Insulation for Your Cryogenic Application?

Dunmore has been a key supplier of high-performance insulation films for aerospace and an important partner for NASA and its subcontractors for over 25 years. Dunmore's high-performance MLI materials are currently protecting spacecraft throughout the solar system including notable programs like the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station (ISS) and Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity.

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