Dun-Shield Antimicrobial Film - Protect your Product Against Microbes

Dun-Shield Antimicrobial Protective Film

Dunmore is a leading manufacturer of anti-microbial film products that are used in various applications to reduce bacteria growth on the surface. The Dun-Shield antimicrobial coating solutions utilizes silver ion technology, which inhibits the growth of various bacteria, molds, and yeast on the coated film surface. Dunmore’s anti-microbial technology can be integrated with a variety of different types of films such as PET film and BOPP film. The Dun-Shield technology can also be added to other functional coating technologies to provide you with a multi-functional product that meets the specific requirements of your application.

Surface Protection with Antimicrobial Coating Technology

Dun-Shield coated films can be used for applications such as:

Incorporate Antimicrobial Technology

Dun-Shield coating can be incorporated with other Dunmore technical film products to provide additional value for your customer. Some of Dunmore’s standard technologies include:

Dun-Shield Scratch Resistant Antimicrobial Film
Scratch resistant antimicrobial film

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