DUN-JET UV Inkjet Film

DUN-JET UV Inkjet Films

With over 30 years experience providing printable films for the graphics and label market, Dunmore continues to service the market with the DUN-JET films, a new line of UV inkjet compatible materials. The vast number of film substrates available in the market makes it challenging to find a reliable film supplier that gives you consistent printing results. Working with Dunmore ensures you have a UV inkjet film that will give you a consistent printing experience across multiple UV inkjet printing platforms.

UV Inkjet Film - Printer Compatibility

Dunmore’s coating technology was tested with the leading UV inkjet printer OEMs. The results of the print tests have shown that the DUN-JET UV inkjet film series provides excellent adhesion and print quality. This is critical for durable applications and ensure consistent printing, job after job. Whether you are looking for UV inkjet polyester film or need a UV inkjet BOPP film, Dunmore can provide the right UV inkjet graphics film for your project.

Tested with the following printer manufacturers: Domino, Durst, Mark Andy, Xeikon

DUN-JET UV Inkjet Film Print Results

Applications for DUN-JET UV Inkjet Printable Films

UV inkjet and other digital printing technologies continue to grow and expand into new applications. Since many UV inkjet printers are part of a hybrid press, the DUN-JET UV inkjet printable film series was engineered to be compatible with flexo / UV hybrid systems. Common applications for Dunmore’s UV inkjet graphics film include:

Non Standard DUN-JET UV Inkjet Film Options

Dunmore has the flexibility to tailor our UV inkjet technology for your application. If you do not see what you are looking for, we can apply our UV printable coating technology to a variety of different substrates for your specific project needs. Dunmore looks forward to discussing the specifications of your uv inkjet printable film project.

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