Coated, Laminated and Metalized Films for Pressure Sensitive Tape Backing

Dunmore is a manufacturer of films and laminates for specialty tape backing applications used by PS tape manufacturers. We have the ability to coat, metalize and laminate our backing films to meet customer's specific requirements. Dunmore's specialty product and process capabilities include:

  • Metalized, print treated films for duct tapes
  • Primed surfaces for gravure, inkjet and screen printing of solvent and latex inks
  • Adhesion promoting coatings to enhance anchorage of PS adhesives to tape backings
  • Film/Foil laminates for light weight, high temperature heat resistance applications
  • Security laminates for tamper evident PS Tape backings
  • Antimicrobial coatings for medical, clean room, food processing & packaging and food service environments
  • Textured surfaces
  • Custom Colors
  • Chemically resistant coatings
  • Scratch / abrasion resistant coatings

Printable Films for PS Tape Backing

Dunmore's printable top coatings are designed for use with both solvent and latex inks, plus a variety of printing method, such as gravure and digital.

Contract Manufacturing

Take advantage of Dunmore's 48+ years of coating expertise and allow us to contract manufacture your PS tape backing. Dunmore's process capabilities include:

  • Direct Gravure Coating
  • In-line Corona Treatment
  • Laminating
  • Mayer Rod Coating
  • Perforating
  • Reverse Gravure Coating
  • Slot Die Coating
  • Vacuum Metalizing with in-line plasma treatment
  • Single Side Coating - C1S
  • Duplex Coating - Coating two sides/C2S
  • A five-zone dryer system for precision handling of multiple coatings in a single pass.
  • Finished coated, laminated and metallized widths up to 80"
  • In-line precision coating thickness control and measurement.

Of course, confidentiality is a cornerstone of Dunmore's contract manufacturing services. Dunmore has ISO systems in place to ensure that proprietary materials and information are protected.

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