Thermal Insulation Manufacturer

Dunmore is a thermal insulation manufacturer for many industries, including aerospace, home / commercial insulation, window treatments and packaging. Our thermal insulation products are engineered films that exceed performance requirements no matter what the industry. Our insulation products are being used around the globe and beyond and can be seen on the recently launched Hubble Space Telescope Repair Mission. Additionally, our radiant barrier insulation facer films can be seen in home and commercial construction around the globe because of their excellent corrosion and puncture resistance, while maintaining a 95% radiant barrier.

High Temp Insulation

Dunmore's high temperature insulation materials are being used for the Wendelstein 7-X core fusion alternative energy experiment. The flexible MLI material is optimal for this application because of the extreme thermal insulation properties and stringent space requirements. The Wendelstein 7-X uses a twenty layer MLI blanket. The designs of these layers typically reflect 95% of radiation. The total effect by the time the radiation energy makes its way to the innermost layers, is effectively a 100% radiant barrier.

Multi-Layer Insulation

Dunmore Thermal Protection Systems (TPS) insulation materials, with engineered absorptance and emittance properties, are used for passive thermal control systems. These insulation materials are used for a wide range of applications on the Spacecraft, such as structural members, instrumentation, antennas, radiators, wiring harnesses and sunshield covers. Dunmore TPS insulation materials have been part of nearly all space programs worldwide since the mid 80's and is widely used in the Space Shuttle refurbishment programs and the International Space Station, as well as all US and European launch vehicles.

Radiant Barrier Insulation

Dunmore metallized and coated films are ideal in products where radiant barrier properties are called for. Dunmore's radiant barrier reflective insulation films are available in a wide variety of film types. Our films exceed the industries flame, fire and smoke standards. Our custom-engineered radiant barrier insulation low E films have emittance values of 0.05 or below; reflecting 95% or greater of radiant energy.

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