Transfer Films Overview

Dunmore metallic transfer films turn simulated leathers, genuine leathers, and fabrics into something extraordinary. Dunmore engineered metallic transfer films are used in many applications and have proven their stability, durability, and flexibility.

Put your best look forward with Dunmore metallic transfer films for simulated and genuine leather goods. No matter what substrate you're finishing—simulated leather, genuine leather, or fabric—Dunmore metallic transfer film brings a lot to the party:

  • Experience with top-tier fashion brands
  • Scrupulous attention to detail
  • Color consistency, including custom color matching
  • World-class quality control systems
  • International processing and service capabilities
  • Flexible stocking programs

Multi-Layered Transfer films

DUNMORE Metallic Transfer FilmsDunmore transfer films turn leathers and fabrics into gold, silver, bronze, pewter and virtually every other metallic color in the spectrum. The finished leather offers aesthetic appeal with a full variety of complexions, from mirror like finish to a subtle nuance. Beyond their beauty, Dunmore metallic transfer films feature “wet-rub” abrasion resistant coatings to withstand the rigors of fabrication in shoes, handbags, wallets, belts, apparel and other metalized leather accessories.

Dunmore synthetic leather transfer films finish vinyl and urethane-coated fabrics as well as genuine leather. Supplied on thin 100 gauge (25 micron) carrier film, Dunmore films enable economical roll-to-roll nip and roll-to-roll press transfer lamination and deep embossing.

Dunmore genuine leather transfer films are almost exclusively used for genuine leather finishing. Supplied on 100 and 200 gauge (25 and 50 micron) carrier films, these films facilitate machine and manual handling on both roll-fed and platen presses and eliminate the need for post lacquering.

Dunmore 100 gauge films are intended for superior yields with wrinkle and tear-free results in roll laminations and roll-fed presses. 200 gauge transfer films are designed for metalizing sheets of leather in platen press lamination. They are embossable, preserve suppleness, and offer exceptional wet and dry abrasion resistance without sacrificing gloss and flexibility.

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