Coated Films Products & Applications

Dunmore is a global engineered coated film manufacturer and leader in highly technical custom designed coatings. Dunmore coated film products utilize solvent and aqueous based chemistries. We have a large portfolio of functional and decorative coatings that are used to enhance various films. Companies also come to us when they have their own chemistry and / or film, but they need a coating expert to commercialize their coated film concept.

Dunmore Film Coating Expertise

Dunmore is unique among coated film producers. Our expertise extends to custom engineered film coatings outside of consumer oriented applications. Dunmore's role in the photovoltaic market and in the high temperature films for the Wendelstein 7-X core fusion experiment demonstrate some of our specialty coated film solutions we are able to produce. Dunmore's coated films are also used to protect satellites and instruments from the harsh conditions of space to terrestrial aircraft applications.

Additional information on Dunmore’s film coating capabilities:

Gemini Coating and Laminating Process

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