Coated Films Products & Applications

DUNMORE Corporation is a global engineered coated film manufacturer and leader in highly technical custom designed coatings. DUNMORE coated film products range from aqueous film coating for the durable labeling industry to corrosion resistant coating for aerospace applications and many more. Chances are that you are more familiar with DUNMORE engineered film coatings than you think. DUNMORE film coating may be on:

DUNMORE Film Coating Expertise

DUNMORE is unique among coated film producers in that our expertise extends to custom engineered thin film coating outside of the consumer market. DUNMORE's role in the Photovoltaic market and in the high temperature films for the Wendelstein 7-X core fusion experiment demonstrate some of our specialty alternative energy solutions. DUNMORE's coated films help protect the delicate space instruments on the Hubble Space Telescope as well as countless other aeronautical expeditions.

The next time you open your refrigerator or replace some batteries, think about the engineered thin film coatings protecting these common items, and how they are also used in extreme and cutting edge energy solution experiments.

Gemini Coating and Laminating Process

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