Graphic Arts & Labeling

Dunmore leads the industry in metalizing, coating, and laminating technologies, supplying printable films to the graphic arts and labeling markets. The industries we supply include the pressure-sensitive labelstock industry, signage, point-of-purchase, security and other graphic arts segments. We create a wide variety of coated films for use in traditional press printing platforms, as well as films designed for use in variable printing.

Press-printable films are printable with flexo, screen, offset, letterpress and other traditional methods. Variably-printed films are printable by laser, thermal transfer and dot matrix, as well as newer digital printing techniques such as Indigo, I-Gen, Xeicon, NexPress and UV inkjet.

No matter whether traditional press or variable-print methods are used, Dunmore coated films deliver superior performance in ink adhesion and end use performance. Whether the application is a short lived temporary point-of-purchase sign, or a label designed to withstand the heat and solvents present in a harsh automotive under-the-hood environment, Dunmore coated films are designed to excel.

Our graphic films and label media have been proven over decades in automotive, appliance, medical, government, military, food, and industrial applications. We have also engineered custom films precisely tailored to the specifications of individual customer applications. Please contact us to learn more about coated films for graphic arts and labeling applications.

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NOTE: Dunmore manufacturers film for sale to pressure sensitive label, tape and other converters. It does not provide pressure sensitive adhesive labels, liners or finished label products.