Films for Reflective Insulation & Radiant Barriers

Low Emittance Films for Reflective Insulation and Radiant Barriers

Dunmore has extensive experience as a global provider of low emittance, also called low E, facing films for reflective insulation products and radiant barrier structures. Our custom-engineered low E facing films have typical emittance values of 0.05. Therefore these films reflect 95% of the radiant energy, which is critical for reflective insulation and radiant barrier products.

Low E Film Properties

Due to a unique combination of surface and physical properties, Dunnmore low E films have the superb corrosion and degradation properties necessary for long life reflective insulation and radiant barrier applications. In addition to these standard features we also provide polyethylene (PE) coated products for heat or extrusion bonding to PE substrates (bubble), olefin based foams and bi-component polyester batting insulation types. For situations where mold is prevalent we can offer low E films with anti-mold treatments, which prevent the growth of the most harmful mold a spores - a growing problem in the residential and commercial building industry.

Dunmore's low E reflective facing films are polyester or polypropylene based products, which are aluminized and over-coated with Dunmore's proprietary corrosion and humidity resistant coating. Reflective insulation products, which use our low E films have consistently passed the ASTM E84 burn test and are currently exceeding expectations in:

  • Reflective attic insulation
  • Reflective bubble insulation
  • Reflective insulation board
  • Other reflective barrier insulation products

Expertise with Low Emittance Films

Dunmore is an industry leader in Multi-layer Insulation (MLI) films and tapes for the Aerospace industry; contributing in various high tech programs like the James Webb Space Telescope. The delicate space vehicle components need to be protected from the extreme temperatures found in this harsh environment. Due to the extreme temperatures, the aerospace components are tested with uncompromising rigor -- Dunmore is the trusted provider. Our commitment to quality transcends all our industries. We can help protect a spacecraft from the inclement space environments; we will insulate anything on earth.

In addition to the high tech aerospace insulation, Dunmore has been selling low E facing films into commercial reflective insulation applications for 20 years. We provide custom sizes and stocking programs, which will ensure you get the most from your Just In Time manufacturing process.

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