Custom Product Development

Are you currently facing a material science challenge or struggling with new product development? Let us know how we can help.

Stage Gate Product Development

DUNMORE's stage gate development process is a road-map to efficiently and effectively take your ideas and turn them into commercial products. The stage gate system has 4 main phases:

  1. Lab stage - Expect to work closely with our Project Manager and R&D team to design and formulate the right solution in the lab.
  2. Pilot stage - The design and formulation work is applied to DUNMORE's pilot equipment, ensuring that the successes in the lab translate to a roll-to-roll converting process.
  3. Scale-up stage - Production trials and qualification begin on commercial equipment.
  4. Commercial production stage - Multiple assets and locations complete qualification to meet your commercial volume requirements.

Your Product Delivered

Cross Functional Expertise

Our development approach delivers cross-functional expertise from various disciplines to align with your unique development challenges. DUNMORE will assemble an optimal team from quality, engineering and R&D, with the right material and chemical expertise, to bring your project to life.


DUNMORE acts as an extension of your R&D team. Our chemists speak directly with your chemists, engineers to engineers, quality to quality. True collaboration is paramount in the efficient development of new products so having one-on-one communication is critical.

Success Defined

Success is different for each customer. From DUNMORE’s perspective, success is being able to bring our customers new ideas or concepts to continue to grow their business even after the end of the project.

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