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Metalic Film Innovations

DUNMORE is an industry leader in highly technical metalized film. DUNMORE's expertise in metalized plastic films stretches across a broad spectrum of uses and industries. Whether you are looking for aluminium metallized PET film or copper film, Dunmore can provide metallized films across a variety of substrates for your specific application. DUNMORE is proficient with metalized films for various label and surfacing applications. Reflective metalized films for Multilayer Insulation are constructed anywhere from five to thirty layers for satellite and spacecraft applications.

DUNMORE metalized films can also give ordinary kitchen appliances a much needed boost. Metallic surfacing films can be seen in a plethora of stainless steel appliances; from refrigerators to dishwashers. DUNMORE can provide the surfacing look you want with the scratch resistance and durability you need. Also DUNMORE stainless steel metallized PET film can be seen in automotive and display applications. When it comes to metalized films, DUNMORE does it all.

Expertise with Metallized Film

DUNMORE mastered the process of metallic transfer films - a process that gives natural and synthetic leather a metallic appearance. DUNMORE's metalized film can be seen on the clothes and accessories of the top fashion designers. You see DUNMORE every time you catch a shimmer on the fashion show runway.

In addition, DUNMORE's metallized polyester film is used in the radiant barrier reflective insulation market. Our reflective metalized film is optimal for this application due to the great results of the ASTM E84 surface burn test combined with the low emittance metalized film. Many other DUNMORE metallized film innovations have been developed beyond metallized polyester film, and across applications other than home and commercial construction.

Areas of film expertise include:

  • Metalized polycarbonate film
  • Metalized polyester film
  • Metalized polyethylene film
  • Metalized polyimide film
  • Metalized polypropylene film
  • Metalized TPU film

At DUNMORE we have a strong focus on product innovation; we are constantly designing and testing new materials, techniques and technologies. One example is our stainless steel metallized PET film product. The stainless steel faux finish combined with a print receptive coating is a great addition to our printable films offering. The printable film is ideal for a wide range of graphics applications as consumer products labels, electrical / electronic goods labels, and point-of-purchase signage, among others.

Metallized, Metalized, Metallised, or Metalised?

In American English usage, both metallized (with two “l”s) and metalized (with one “l”) are used interchangeabley; neither version is wrong or misspelled. Similarly, in British English, both metallised or metalised are used, though metallised (with two “l”s) seems more prevalent.

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