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Dunmore is a leading contract manufacturer for flexible web substrates. Our web handling proficiency comes from our equipment, processes and most importantly, our people. With some of the most advanced web handling equipment in the world, Dunmore specializes in web handling for a wide range of film thicknesses, from 18ga (4.5 micron) to over 1500ga (375 microns). The web handling capabilities offered include metalizing, coating and laminating.

Gemini Web Handling Equipment

With the addition of Dunmore's Gemini film converting equipment, its web handling capabilities are greatly expanded.

Web Handling Capabilities

Dunmore provides comprehensive web handling services, including:

Dunmore specializes in fully customized web handling, utilizing its advanced web handling equipment with a variety of roller configurations to execute each contract manufacturing job to customer specification. Our ability to process a wide range of materials comes, in part, from our web handling roller configurations, which include:

  • Lay-On
  • Spreader
  • Non contact web cleaning
  • Contact web cleaning
  • Speed / Tension control

What is Web Handling

Web handling is the process of controlling and manipulating materials in a roll-to-roll format. Common types of web handling processes include coating, laminating, and metallizing. Web handling involves the use of industrial machinery that uses web rollers to move materials through a processing step. Common materials utilized by web handling equipment include plastic films, foils, paper, and fabrics. A continuous web handling process has economic advantages over processing materials in sheets or pieces. Web handling improves processing time and minimizes scrap. After materials go through a web handling process, the materials are often broken down into smaller pieces and integrated into a finished product.

Web Handling Information and Resources

Web handling is a term that with a long history, going back to paper roll handling where the paper fibers were the "web" in "web handling". The term web is used to describe thin materials which are manufactured and processed in a continuous, flexible strip form. Web materials cover a broad spectrum from extremely thin plastics to paper, textiles, metals, and composites."

Information about web handling and related topics is available at these online resources:

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