About Us

About Us

For more than 50 years, the Dunmore brand has stood for quality in coated, laminated and metallized films. During that time, several diverse industries have come to know our name as a films manufacturer / coated films manufacturer, for outstanding standard and specialty products. Today, companies often turn to us first with new challenges, untried innovations and experimental applications.


A Tradition of Innovation

At Dunmore adding value to our customers' products is part of a longstanding tradition of innovation in our own products. We treat every customer as a partner, because we see every interaction as an opportunity to provide a complete business solution, not simply a chance to supply a product or process.

Steady Leadership, Outstanding People

Dunmore customers benefit from our unparalleled combination of leadership in technology, excellence in customer service and operations and flexibility in strategic alliances. Customers value our rapid response, attention to detail and involvement in every account even at the highest levels.

Customers also appreciate Dunmore people. Since starting more than four decades ago, we have made a priority of finding employees who are professional, personable and passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Thinking Globally, Adding Opportunities

Dunmore also offers truly global capacity. With two manufacturing facilities in the United States and one in Europe, all ISO 9001: 2015 certified and an eye out for new mergers and alliances, Dunmore is always reinforcing existing products lines and adding new opportunities.

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