What is the solar back sheet (PV back sheet)?

One of the critical solar panel materials used in the construction of a PV module is the solar cell back sheet. The PV backsheet is on the outermost layer of the PV module. The PV back sheet is designed to protect the inner components of the module, specifically the photovoltaic cells and electrical components from external stresses as well as act as an electrical insulator. In order to accomplish this, the solar panel material must be a robust construction, typically a three layer laminate, and have high dielectric properties. DUN-SOLAR™ photovoltaic backsheets are available in many different constructions to accommodate a wide variety of module types and technologies. We provide every solar backsheet solution under the sun!

Solar Module with PV Back Sheet Exploded View

Below is an exploded view of a solar module and the solar panel materials used in the full construction. Dunmore is a manufacturer of the PV backsheet and EPE insulator components. The EPE insulation material was designed specifically to act as an internal insulator to guard against shorts in the module's electronic components.

Solar Module Components

There are many solar technologies available and accordingly different types of modules. The above illustration is a representation of solar panel materials used in a traditional crystalline silicon solar module.

The Glass Layer - This is the rigid outer layer that protects the PV cells and electronics from the environment while allowing light energy to pass through and be converted into electricity. First generation solar modules used glass backing as well, which has been replaced by the solar cell back sheet. The PV backsheet is substantially lighter than the glass panel making handling and installation much easier. With the advancements in PV backsheet laminates, the laminates provide just as much insulation and weatherability as the glass backing as well as providing additional benefits such as reflectance to enhance cell efficiency.

The EVA layer - The EVA layer is a thermoplastic containing ethylene vinyl acetate which is used to encapsulate the photovoltaic cells.

Photovoltaic Cells - The PV cells or solar cells is the device that converts light energy into electricity by the photovoltaic effect.

Bus Ribbons - The bus ribbons act as an external current path and carry the electric power generated by the PV cells.

EPE Insulation - The EPE insulation is a laminate similar to the PV back sheet. DUN-SOLAR™ EPE insulation has been developed to be used as an electrical insulator and physical spacer in critical areas inside of photovoltaic modules.

PV Back Sheet - The PV back sheet is a photovoltaic laminate that protects the PV module from UV, moisture and weather while acting as an electrical insulator. DUN-SOLAR™ PV back sheets are available in a variety of constructions for both traditional rigid PV modules, like the one shown above, as well as thin film PV modules and solar power concentrators.

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