Contract Metalizing

45+ years of experience metallizing diverse substrates sourced by our customers.

Flexible Web Metallizing

DUNMORE specializes in metalizing a variety of unique substrates including all types of polyesters, vinyls, polyimides, polyolefins, wovens, non-wovens & fiberglass fabrics. Our experienced metalizing operators appreciate the subtleties of the different substrates, the wide range of thicknesses from 24ga (6 micron) to over 1500ga (375 microns), and what it takes to metalize each successfully to our customers performance and visual specifications.

Our professional team of Program Managers, Chemists, Technicians, Process Engineers, and Operators are experienced and prepared to assist in the development of your intellectual property. When quality results are critical, DUNMORE is a trusted manufacturer for your metallizing service needs.

Along with our skilled Solutions Team, our production and metalization pilot facilities in Bristol, PA, Brewster, NY and Freiburg, Germany, and the implementation of a "best practices" approach, DUNMORE is strategically positioned to serve our partners globally.

Metallizing Heritage

In 1974 our engineers built the world's largest vacuum metalizer, capable of metalizing webs up to 80" wide, as a means of supporting our growing coatings business. Currently, we have four production lines, and four metallizing pilot units, to better service our expanding customer base. A brand new vacuum metalizing system was installed at our Brewster, NY facility in July 2006 to handle today's larger metalization roll diameters, dedicated striping patterns, and other customized metalizing applications with the tightest of tolerances.

Metallized Substrates

  • Polyester metallizing
  • Mylar® film metallizing
  • BOPP metallizing
  • Polyethylene metallizing
  • PVC metallizing

Metallizing, Metalizing, Metallising, or Metalising?

In American English usage, both metallizing (with two “l”s) and metalizing (with one “l”) are used interchangeabley; neither version is wrong or misspelled. Similarly, in British English, both metallising or metalising are used, though metallising (with two “l”s) seems more prevalent.

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