Contract Vacuum Metalizing

50+ years of experience vacuum metalizing diverse flexible substrates sourced by our customers.

Contract Metallizing Expertise

For over 50 years, customers have turned to Dunmore for our vacuum metalizing expertise. As a leading metallizing company, Dunmore has the capabilities to vacuum metalize flexible roll-to-roll substrates such as polyester, polyimide, and fabrics. Our extensive metallizing experience with processing a wide range of films and fabrics has allowed our customers to produce metallized materials for their specific application. Whether you need our vacuum metalizing provider for aesthetic purposes or if you need to achieve new functionality in your film or fabric, we look forward to working with you on your next project.

Our contract metallizing team includes experienced program managers and engineers. In addition to offering standard metalizing services, Dunmore also has an R&D team that has developed novel coatings and adhesives that are well suited to add more functionality to metalized film products. Our strategic metalizing capabilities are located in the US and in Europe. Depending on your geographic location or end market, we can ensure efficient delivery to your facility.

U.S. Vacuum Metalizing Capabilities

 DUNMORE Metallzing Services
Metal Coating

    Types of Metal: Aluminum, Copper          Coating Thickness: 0.20 - 4.0 Optical Density


    Material Thickness: 6 μm- 400 μm          Width: 24" - 82"

Roll Sizes

    Max Outside Diameter: 43"                      Core Sizes: 3" & 6"

European Metalizing Capabilities

 DUNMORE Europe Metallzing Services
Metal Coating

    Types of Metal: Aluminum, Copper          Coating Thickness: 300 - 500 Angstroms


    Material Thickness: 8 μm- 300 μm          Width: 900 mm - 2,450 mm

Roll Sizes

    Max Outside Diameter: 1,000 mm                      Core Sizes: 3", 6" & 10"

Common Substrates - Contract Metalizing

  • Metalized PET Film
  • Metalized BOPP Film
  • Metalized PE Film
  • Metalized PVC Film
  • Metalized Polyimide Film
  • Metalized Fluorpolymer Films
  • Metalized PEEK Film
  • Metalized Woven Fabric / Metalized Non-woven Fabric

A Heritage of Metallizing Flexible Substrates

In 1974 our engineers built the world’s largest vacuum metalizer, allowing the company to metallize 80” wide. Since this time, our metalizing division has grown to serve a diverse group of industries and applications ranging from label material, packaging, and specialty applications. Dunmore has continued to expand vacuum metalizing with the addition of new metalizing capabilities and improvements.

Metallizing, Metalizing, Metallising, or Metalising?

In American English usage, both metallizing (with two “l”s) and metalizing (with one “l”) are used interchangeably; neither version is wrong or misspelled. Similarly, in British English, both metallising or metalising are used, though metallising (with two “l”s) seems more prevalent.

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