Electrical / Electronics

High Performance Electronic Label Facestock

Dunmore offers label face stock designed for electronic applications. The films are used by the pressure-sensitive coating and label printing industries to meet a wide range of performance criteria. Dunmore face stocks are designed to withstand the rigors of today's electrical / electronic industries and boast excellent thermal, chemical-resistant and print properties. Face stock material is available in a wide range of calipers (typically 0.5 to 2 mil), film types (PET, PVC, BOPP, etc.) and appearances (clear, white, metallized). In addition, Dunmore's work in the aerospace market has translated into label facestock that need to meet very specific absorption/emittance requirements.

A wide range of common facestock materials are stocked in a variety of widths, while more specialized products are made to order.

Tamper Evident Label Facestock

Dunmore offers tamper evident label face stock and void label face stock that can be used in the electronic industry. These facestock materials, once applied, cannot be removed without evidence of tampering. This security feature is ideal for identifying manipulation on electronic components. Our tamper evident label facestock is available in a myriad of film types, colors and voiding patterns / messages for different applications and security functions.

Additional Materials & Applications - Electronics Industry

Dunmore offers a wide range of film materials that are used in the electrical / electronic industries for many applications including:

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