Sustainable Packaging Film

DUNMORE is dedicated to making the world a better place for future generations. That is why DUNMORE provides sustainable packaging film solutions that reduce the environmental impact packaging can have on the ecosystem.

DUNMORE takes multiple approaches to reducing the carbon footprint of flexible packaging. DUNMORE prides itself in processing and handling thin film packaging materials. Down gauging while maintaining the performance requirements of flexible packaging is an important step in reducing waste in packages and labels. In addition to using thin film, DUNMORE has experience with converting biodegradable film and bio-based packaging film.

An ongoing environmental problem the US is faced with is the large amounts of food being disposed due to spoilage and waste. In the United States roughly 30% of all food is thrown away. The estimated total value of food loss at the consumer and retail level is $165 billion per year. In order to maintain a sustainable future, new, innovative packaging solutions and barrier film will need to be developed to increase shelf life. Active packaging and smart packaging will also play a larger role in combating waste and extending the shelf life of food products and consumer products. DUNMORE’s R&D team and manufacturing experts work with customers regularly to help reduce waste and extend shelf life via better packaging film.

DUNMORE looks forward to assisting customers that are looking to disrupt the packaging industry. This partnership approach can help bring new flexible packaging to the market that will ultimately replace the incumbent, less environmentally friendly packaging being used today.

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