Specialty Films for Wallcoverings

Commercial Wallcoverings

Residential and commercial wallcoverings are unique applications, typically requiring materials which are attractive, printable, easy to clean, chemical resistant, light and extremely durable. In addition to these requirements, a supplier must be able to provide the best selection of commercial wallcovering substrates to help designers make each collection distinctive.

Dunmore engineered films and laminates provide all these features and more; highly durable and easy to clean materials combined with the colors and printability for your creative designs.

Wallcovering Materials

Dunmore can offer a wide range of material selections, however, typical materials provided by Dunmore include polyester (PET) and fluoropolymers, both of which are available metalized varieties.

PET is used when durability and cost considerations are equally important. Dunmore can provide metalized and nonmetalized finishes that mimic stainless steel, aluminum, gold, nickel and brass, just to name a few. The metalized versions make colors "pop" to enhance customer appeal.

Fluoropolymers are typically needed for environments such as hospitals, hygienic rooms and other environments where frequent cleaning with harsh chemical agents are required to wash and/or sterilize the area.

Contract Manufacturing

Dunmore, offering manufacturing in the US and Europe, will apply your proprietary coatings to the wallcovering substrates of your choice. We have been providing innovative process capabilities to wallcovering manufacturers for over 40 years. Dunmore's diverse metalizing techniques offer standard as well as custom colors, that will bring a glossy luster to your wallcoverings. Dunmore's range of heat seal adhesives and application systems ensures a surface that will bond to a wide variety of substrates. And, finished widths are available up to 80". Of course, confidentiality is a cornerstone of Dunmore's contract manufacturing services. Dunmore has ISO systems in place to ensure that proprietary materials and information are protected.

Commercial Wallcovering Functions

DUNMORE routinely provides coatings for:

  • Antimicrobial - Dunmore DUN-SHIELD™ coating is a long-lasting antimicrobial solution that can be coated on any Dunmore film used in medical, foodservice or other critical areas.
  • Bondable - All Dunmore wallcovering materials are available with a heat bondable adhesive coating for your own lamination, or we can laminate your materials to other films, fabrics or non-woven materials.
  • Cleanable - All Dunmore films for wallcovering are engineered to be easily cleanable and stand up to harsh cleaning products.
  • Colors - Precision color match capabilities are available, in addition to Dunmore's standard colors
  • Embossable - Dunmore wallcovering films are robust and able to withstand the embossing process and preserve their brilliant finish.
  • Finger Print resistant - Excellent for retail display areas where human contact is frequent, such as checkout areas, waiting rooms, schools, cafeterias, etc.
  • Printability - Primed surfaces for Gravure, Screen and Inkjet, both solvent and latex (aqueous) ink systems
  • Scratch / Abrasion Resistance - Up to 4H hardness, excellent for printed surfaces which experience frequent contact.
  • Write / Erase - Perfect for writable walls for schools, conference rooms and design centers, both retail and business-to-business.

Metallic Wall Coverings

Dunmore wallcoverings are available with metallic properties including gold , silver, stainless steel simulation wall coverings and materials can be precision color-matched to achieve a high-end, customized appearance.

  • Silver wallcoverings
  • Gold wallcoverings
  • Stainless steel appearance
  • Custom metallic wallcovering
  • Precision color-matched finishes

Printable Metallic Wall Coverings

Dunmore wallcoverings are available with a print receptive coating making them ideal for applications using patterns or effects and work with multiple ink types and printing methods. The brilliant metalized wallcovering adds elegance to any application and can be color matched to an existing fixture or customized for new design.

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