Metallized Polyethylene Film

For 50+ plus years Dunmore has specialized in offering material solutions for the graphics market. With our coating and metallizing expertise, Dunmore has developed a bright metallized LDPE film. The metalized polyethylene film can be used for a variety of graphics applications. It is an ideal choice when the project requires a bright, highly reflective surface.

Key Attributes of Metallized Polyethylene Film

Metallized Polythylene Film

LDPE film is a challenging material to metallize given the low heat tolerance and higher haze levels of the raw film. Oftentimes metallizing LDPE film creates a film that looks very dull. Dunmore overcame these challenges and produced a metallized LDPE product that has a brilliant metal finish. This is a critical feature if you are looking to differentiate your product and improve the shelf appeal of your product.

  • Standard thickness: 78.4 microns
  • Reflectance value: 70%

Printable Surface of the Metallized LDPE Film

Having a reflective, printable surface is critical for the graphics market. Dunmore’s print receptive technology is compatible with a variety of printing methods and inks. Our testing has shown excellent ink adhesion and print resolution to ensure you have the highest print quality for your end product. Our metallized LDPE film is compatible with the following types of printers:

  • Flexographic
  • UV Flexo
  • Digital

Soft & Conformable - Metallized LDPE Film

Depending on your application, printability and brightness is not enough. The metallized LDPE film has a soft feel, which can influence the consumer during the buying process. From an engineering standpoint, utilizing PE film provides greater design flexibility. Metallized polyethylene has superior conformability characteristics compared to traditional films such as BOPP or PET.

Custom Solutions - Metalized Polyethylene FIlm

Speak to us today if you have a different application or need for the metalized polyethylene film. Whether you are looking for a different film thickness or printing format we can modify our aluminum coated polyethylene film to ensure you have a product that works for your application.

Metallized LDPE Film Applications

Metallized Polyethylene Film for Labels
Labels & Graphics
Metalized Polyethylene Film for Packaging

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