Tamper Evident Film

Dunmore manufacturers tamper evident film facestocks used to manufacture:

  • Security labels
  • Tamper evident labels
  • Tamper evident tape
  • Void labels

DUNMORE - Tamper Evident Label FilmUsing proprietary covert and overt coating and lamination technology, Dunmore produces tamper evident films that are critical for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Typical materials used in tamper evident labels that Dunmore supplies include PET, polystyrene, polyethylene, and OPP. Dunmore can provide security label film in a wide range of thickness in white, silver, clear, and brush colored. Topcoats can be added based on desired print method, such as flexo, thermal transfer, laser, etc.

Tamper Evident Technology

Dunmore's covert and overt tamper evident film technology is used in conjunction with our customers’ products to create the tamper evident or void evident effect for brand protection. For example, Dunmore provides the surface destruct film that is used by automotive manufacturers on the door label with the vehicle information. If the security labels are removed, it becomes obvious that it has been tampered with. Dunmore's film typically works with a pressure sensitive adhesive in label or tape format to provide the anti-counterfeiting and tamper evident security function.

  • Adhesive deadening feature
  • Color shifting
  • Frangible films
  • High heat and humidity resistant void
  • Irreversible thermochromic
  • Patent pending invisible silver/colors
  • Tamper evident void with easy, medium, or tight release properties
  • UV & IR activated

Tamper Evident Label Stock

Dunmore’s tamper evident films are selective-release constructions that are available with surface or sub-surface destruct layers. The film separates depending on its construction to leave evidence of tampering, typically "void", however custom designs, such as a corporate logo can be applied to any construction. The label facestock material is available in a variety of colors, including metallized finishes, and can be custom color matched for specific applications. A more covert security function in security labels is the use of UV / IR or taggants that require devices to authenticate.

Sub-Surface Destruct Tamper Evident Labels

The sub-surface destruct film used for security labels incorporates either a metallized or a coated layer. When applied to a substrate with a suitable pressure-sensitive adhesive the security film technology allows for immediate identification of tampering if any attempt is made to remove the security label. When the security label is removed from the substrate, either the metallized or the coated layer splits from the film leaving the imprinted "void" pattern showing undeniable evidence that your brand has been tampered with.

Surface Destruct Film Tamper Evident Film

There are different film security technologies used for brand protection. Dunmore’s surface destruct film is designed for use in conjunction with an overlaminate. If the overlaminate is removed, the imprintable surface of the security label splits in a tamper-evident pattern.

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