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For over 30 years Dunmore has been a leading coater, laminator, and metallizer for the graphics and label market. Dunmore has responded to the needs of the market and developed inkjet film coatings specifically for digital printing applications, and is now a supplier of a variety inkjet printable film options.

Inkjet film compatibility with the selected printing method is critical to achieving the performance characteristics for specific applications. There are various options available from UV inkjet polyester film to eco solvent media, which provide consistent printing, print adhesion, and high print quality.

Dunmore produces coated media and inkjet PET film for the following inkjet systems:

  • UV primer for UV inkjet film printing
  • Eco solvent media
  • Water based inkjet

Customers come to Dunmore when they are looking for inkjet polyester film for their specific graphics application. From label film to inkjet film for banner applications, Dunmore can match the correct coating to the film type that is needed. Polyester is one of the most common films used to produce inkjet pet film media and uv inkjet polyester film products. In addition to inkjet PET film, inkjet coatings can be applied to a variety of other substrates including:

  • BOPP inkjet film
  • Inkjet polyester film
  • Synthetic paper

Contract Coating - Inkjet Film Coating

With Dunmore’s 48+ years of coating and web handling experience, customers will often seek assistance when they have already developed their own inkjet film coating technology. Whether you have developled a UV primer or a coating for eco solvent inkjet media, Dunmore has the toll coating capabilities to bring the product to market. Along with web handling expertise, a inkjet film contract coater must have the oven capabilities to dry thick inkjet PET film coatings to achieve performance requirements.

Inkjet Media Coating Capabilities

  • Coating Technology
    • Gravure: direct, indirect (offset), and reverse
  • Chemistries
    • Types of chemistries: aqueous and solvent
    • Chemistries with high percent of fillers
    • Coat weight: 0.25 g/m2 - 50 g/m2
    • Coating thickness: <1 micron to 50 microns
  • Substrate Handling
    • Film thickness: 6 - 500 microns
    • Film width: 24” - 80”
    • Types of film: BOPP, PE, PET, PVC, synthetic paper
  • Drying Capabilities
    • Up to 150 C
    • Multi-zone oven
    • Air impingement

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