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Film Manufacturer

Coated Film Manufacturer, Laminated Film Manufacturer

DUNMORE was founded on the belief that there was a need for film converters to be problem solvers, collaborators and developers in addition to providing excellent contract coated film manufacturing services. Regardless of the application DUNMORE has always focused on providing the highest quality engineered and cost effective solutions in roll-to-roll coated, laminated, metalized and perforated films, foils, woven and non-woven substrates.

DUNMORE is one of the leading film manufacturers of coated, metalized and laminated films, foils and fabrics. Our 9 film coating / film laminating lines handle film substrates from 1.5 meters (60”) to 2.5 meters (96”) in width. We routinely provide trial and contract film manufacturing services using both in-house and customer owned material. All DUNMORE facilities are ISO 9001:2015 certified, following strictly measured process standards throughout production.

Metallized Film Manufacturing

DUNMORE has four vacuum metallizers able to deposit aluminum, copper & other metals from transparent to opaque densities in full coverage & striped patterned. Our in-line adhesion promotion treatment ensures optimal metal adhesion for your application.

Coated Film Manufacturing

DUNMORE has 9 film coating lines with the ability to process solvent, aqueous and UV chemistries. DUNMORE continues meet the growing needs of its business partners, most recently by adding the capability to provide complex duplex coatings (C2S) and laminations at wider widths and higher speeds. Additionally, our pilot equipment and stage gate development methodology allow us to efficiently advance from development to production, while minimally impacting cost.

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