Medical Packaging & Barrier Film

Antimicrobial Coating for Bacteria Prevention

Dunmore's antimicrobial coated film inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast, fungi and mold for use in appliances, electronics, building & insulation, labels and packaging. We have applied the antimicrobial coating on Polyester, PVC and OPP films for specific applications. Our coatings can be specifically formulated to include other performance properties such as abrasion resistance, printability or color.

Manufacturer of Medical Packaging & Peelable Lidstock

Dunmore's engineered medical device packaging films fill the need for quality packaging material and can be custom engineered to meet specific requirements. Our antimicrobial coating is an excellent addition to any medical device packaging application, converting the peelable lidstock into a barrier film against microbes causing bacteria and mold. Our adhesives and films are engineered to our customer's stringent specifications and include features such as the ability to be precision peeled and sterilized. Dunmore's expertise as a manufacturer of medical packaging and peelable lidstock comes from our experience in the film converting industry providing metalizing, coating and laminating services for nearly forty years.

Barrier Film & Membrane Overlay Material

Antimicrobial protective overlayOur antimicrobial coated film is ideal for overlay material that can be used to prevent bacteria growth on any surface requiring antimicrobial protection. Our antimicrobial coating is a direct response to the growing emphasis on hygiene, and bacteria prevention. Every year, nearly two million Americans acquire an infection while hospitalized--an average of ninety thousand people die from these infections. We like to think of hospitals and medical facilities as clean and sterile environments, but considering the amount of contact areas and frequency of use, bacteria growth is inevitable. Our antimicrobial coatings can be used to fight bacterial and fungal growth in:

  • Bed trays
  • Surgical trays
  • Medical device packaging
  • IV stands
  • Medical monitoring equipment
  • Medical carts
  • Wall coverings
  • Countertops & work surfaces

Barrier Film with Antimicrobial Coating

Dunmore's antimicrobial coating films are ideal for bacteria prevention outside of the medical industry as well. Dunmore's antimicrobial coating acts as a barrier film which inhibits mildew and bacteria growth in duct work for HVAC systems adding antimicrobial protection to both industrial and commercial air circulation systems. Additionally, antimicrobial protection can be incorporated in touch screen applications for membrane overlay barrier films for various industries.

Printable Antimicrobial Films

We offer a wide variety of printable films for traditional and variable print methods, antimicrobial protection can be incorporated into our label stock material for bacteria prevention. The added bacteria prevention function makes Dunmore label stock ideal for pharmaceutical and surgical packaging where the antimicrobial protection helps control infection.

Medical ID Bracelets

Aircraft interior during assemblyDunmore is a manufacturer of printable coated facestock film used in medical ID bracelets for hospitals. The ID bracelets have Dunmore's printable top coating, providing sharp and clear printability and are available for nearly all print methods. Our antimicrobial protective coating can also be incorporated into the medical ID wristband for an added layer of protection.

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