Reflective Film for Lighting Applications

Dunmore metalized films are used to increase the efficiency of lighting fixtures. Our highly reflective metalized films are incorporated with lighting fixtures and act as reflectors to increase the light intensity. The reflective film exponentially increases the light output, creating more light for the same amount of energy. This energy efficient lighting solution is due to the mirror like finish created by the vacuum metalizing process. The highly reflective film is ideal for lighting applications because of its reflective surface, light weight, limited heat transfer and flexible properties.

The reflective film can be enhanced with Dunmore's coating expertise. We offer a variety of coatings to improve the functionality of the film substrate, most applicable to the luminous reflective film is an adhesive coating to create a heat-bondable surface; enabling the film to be joined with treated metal and numerous plastic substrates. A world of coating capabilities, like antimicrobial, corrosion resistance and custom colors can be used to improve the reflective film performance or add functionality.

Luminous Reflective Film Engineering

Dunmore's unmatched film processing expertise can be seen in different types of reflective technologies; radiant barrier reflective insulation and multi-layer insulation are examples of our engineering success. In both examples the film is engineered to act as a radiant barrier, due to reflective properties. Similar concepts are used to increase the light intensity in our luminous reflective films. Our films can be effectively used to reduce energy requirements in commercial, professional and residential lighting fixtures.

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