Personal Care

Personal Care

Product Labeling & Label Face Films

Dunmore is a prime label facestock manufacturer for the pressure sensitive labeling industry. Our label facestocks, when coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, are used in a variety of personal care industries and applications:

  • Cosmetics
  • Hair care
  • Bath / shower products
  • Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals / nutraceuticals
  • Eye care
  • Infant care

Dunmore coats and/or metalizes all common film types used for personal care product labeling, including PE, PP, PVC and PET.

Supreme printability for product labeling

Dunmore's printable top coatings are ideal label face films for use as packaging labels. Our robust coatings work with all traditional print methods with exceptional ink adhesion and scuff resistance while maintaining vibrant colors and crisp print quality. Additionally, our digital topcoats are ideal for variable printing applications such as indigo printing, for use in prototyping or short runs of personal care products. Topcoated films are also available for other variable print methods like laser and thermal transfer.

Finishes for label face film

In addition to coating process expertise, Dunmore's metalizing capabilities can help your products' shelf appeal in the highly competitive personal care product labeling industry. We offer a variety of labelstock finishes:

Tamper evident face films for product labeling

Our tamper evident technology can be included into any pressure-sensitive labeling application. Dunmore offers security solutions to combat piracy and maintain product integrity with our tamper evident films and label face stock. Dunmore security technology provides counterfeit protection through many different techniques; tamper evident void (both covert "invisible void" and overt security films), adhesive deadening, color shifting films, high heat and humidity resistance, irreversible thermochromic, UV & IR activation and frangible films.

Toll Coating & Toll Metalizing

For product brand owners or pressure sensitive adhesive coaters, Dunmore assets are available for toll coating, converting and toll metalizing of customer-owned films and / or chemistries.

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