High Performance Plastic Film Perforating Capabilities

Dunmore is your first choice for jobs requiring precision perforated materials. We offer 30 standard patterns, and can expand that number through creative design modifications. If a unique pattern is called for Dunmore will work with you to create exactly what you need.

When you have a perforating project that needs a high level of accuracy and cleanliness, whether it's for transportation, aerospace, aircraft, medical, architectural or any demanding industry, Dunmore will deliver!

Perforating for Aerospace Insulation

Perforating is required for many aerospace insulation products due to change in pressure during the ascent stage. MLI blankets need to vent the additional pressure in order to maintain their form.

Additional Perforating Applications

  • Perforating dielectric film provides selective electrical connections between conductive materials
  • Perforating increases effective surface resistivity
  • Perforated film provides controlled movement of gasses and liquids
  • Perforated film facings provide acoustical insulation

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