Foil Converting

Dunmore is a global manufacturer of laminated foils, coated foils and films. For over 48 years, we have designed and commercialized film / foil laminations and coated foils for a diverse group of markets with our laminating and coating capabilities. Common end applications include:

Foil Laminating

Dunmore's web handling expertise across a wide range of substrates is integral in the production of unique foil lamination constructions. When a product specification requires unique functionality such as barrier, heat resistance, shielding or strength, laminated foil is an ideal choice. Dunmore can produce roll-to-roll film foil laminations made up of foils, films and fabrics.

Laminated foil constructions include:

  • Aluminum laminate
  • Copper laminate
  • Stainless steel laminate
  • Other foil based laminate

Foil Coating

DUNMORE’s foil handling capabilities include coating various functional chemistries onto wide wide-web, roll based foils. Functional foil coatings include:

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Conductive coated aluminum foil / primed foil
  • Customer owned chemistries
  • Heat sealable coating
  • Print primer coating

Foil Converting Capabilities

Whether you are looking for a foil converter to produce an aluminum laminate or need coated foil, DUNMORE has the following converting capabilities:

  • From .36 mil – 8 mil (Laminate down to .25 mil)
  • Annealed (soft) through H19 temper foils
  • 14" - 65" wide
  • Drying to 350°F
  • Roll diameter up to 32”, weights to 2000 lbs

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