Associate Testimonials

At DUNMORE our focus is to put our associates first. We provide team environments where you have the opportunities to grow and advance in our corporation. Here’s what current DUNMORE associates have to say about working here.

"Our associates are our greatest assets at DUNMORE" quoted by our founder Michael L. Sullivan. This stills rings true more than ever, I work in production and we are always looking to help others learn and strengthen our organization, together as an engaged team we can overcome any obstacle."

"The best and more unique part of working at DUNMORE Corporation is the sense of family throughout the organization. Whether it is the team spirit within departments or within interdepartmental work teams or the healthy competition that springs up so often between facilities, you will come to realize that these people that you spend close to 1/3 of your life with, genuinely care about your well-being and your success."

"Dunmore offers a positive family environment. There are excellent growth opportunities and I would definitely recommend it to family and friends. Those are just a few of the reasons why I have worked here 25+ years"

"I was hired a short time ago; I am one of the new associates in a company that has long-term associates as the majority. Yet, the managers, the department guys, and the HR team have made the choice to come here, 100% right for me and my family. This company is serious in their goals of making new associates feel welcomed and trained well."

"Taking a job with Dunmore has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my career. We are not treated as a number, but as part of the company. Our work environment is collaborative and team-oriented. I feel empowered to share my ideas and know that my voice will be heard. I leave work every day with a strong sense of pride and accomplishment."

"This job is amazing. The hours are great as well as the pay. Everyone for this company is friendly and willing to ensure that you are successful as long as you put forth the effort"

“Dunmore has been a great place to work; it’s a creative and friendly culture and which encourages people to collaborate fully. People seem to be accountable to one another and that helps a lot in getting things accomplished."

Associate Appreciation

Here at DUNMORE we take pride in our associates and offer many programs and challenges for them to be rewarded. Here are just a couple of programs and rewards that we offer with more associate appreciation ideas being created every day.

  • Monthly Payout/Profit Sharing - Provided the operating profit reaches its targeted number for the month, employees will receive a certain percentage of their monthly pay for that month
  • Customer First - This program is designed to recognize those associates who go above and beyond the call of duty to meet our customers’ needs both internally and externally. Gift certificates are awarded to nominated employees.
  • Safety Awareness/Near Miss Program - Each month the near misses are reviewed by the EH&S Council and the associate who submits the best Near Miss at each site is given a monthly safety reward.
  • Wellness Programs/Fit Challenge – different challenges are created throughout the year to promote wellness. If completed prizes and a grand prize are awarded.
  • Employee Assistance Program - There are times in our life when we need additional support and/or information. Dunmore has a confidential Employee Assistance Program which is available to you and your family.
  • Annual “Years of Service” Celebration – At holiday festivities awards are given to employees for their first 10 years at DUNMORE. Employees are then rewarded for each additional 5 years at DUNMORE.
  • Sporting Event Ticket Giveaways – Raffles for Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey tickets are offered depending on the DUNMORE location