Plasma treatment is a process designed to change the surface properties of a substrate to increase surface energy and/or chemical compatibility with a bonding material. Similar to corona treatment, which increases surface energy by bombarding the surface with charged particles, plasma treatment instead creates a plasma, the fourth state of matter -- partially ionized gas. DUNMORE uses a gas plasma treatment method, in which the plasma is created by combining different gasses. As the substrate passes through the plasma, the substrate is bombarded with ions and electrons. The electron bombardment breaks the surfaces chemical bonds while the ions hitting the surface are designed to alter the chemical composition of the surface. This is controlled by using different types of gases to create the plasma.

Benefits of Plasma treatment:

  • Uniform surface treatment
  • No backside treatment
  • Difficult to over treat the substrate
  • Targeted surface treatment to promote bonding between identified substrates

Dunmore uses plasma treatment to increase the bonding characteristics of various substrates for vacuum metalizing and sequentially coating and laminating. The gas plasma treatment is an engineered treatment that increases chemical/substrate adhesion for different applications. The ability to control the chemical compatibility on substrates allows us to efficiently process a variety of materials that traditionally resist bonding.

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