Window Treatments

Window Treatment Fabrics & Laminations

Dunmore Corporation was a pioneer in vacuum metallized and protective coated fabrics for energy efficient pleated shade applications more than thirty years ago. Today Dunmore is a global supplier of innovative tri-laminated, light-filtering and 99.9% black-out film-to-fabric solutions up to 74" wide.

Our 40 years of metalizing, coating and laminating expertise enables our technical team to help design and create the functional and decorative properties with our customers.

Solar Control, Light Filtering & Blackout Fabric Manufacturing

Blackout fabric-film laminateMany of our industry partners continue to manufacture or source the various woven and non-woven fabrics with unique aesthetics and function. Dunmore brings the light management features to the overall shade design with creative sub-assemblies of metalized and coated films.

Functional Window Treatment Benefits:

  • Blackout fabric for light filtering
  • Reflective properties for thermal performance
  • Sound deadening window treatments
  • Multiple layer laminations to maximize properties with minimum area weight
  • Combining materials with visual appeal
  • Robust film-to-fabric constructions for durable and reliable fabrication
  • Additional fire and/or flame retardant properties available
  • Anti-microbial & anti-mold features available

Blackout Fabric Laminates

Dunmore blackout fabric and room-darkening laminates are incorporated into window covering designs adding additional performance and value.

Dunmore films can be laminated to hundreds of woven and non-woven fabrics and materials to provide the required performance with the custom look desired. Our blackout fabric and room-darkening laminates are incorporated into various window covering designs while providing advantageous utility.

Our blackout fabric laminates are optimal for visual and acoustic privacy and security and provide superior solar and thermal control.

In addition to metalizing, laminating and coating, Dunmore can perforate and slit your materials to your precise requirements. Our robust constructions are able to withstand the processing rigors of pleating, forming, stitching and perforating while maintaining their unique aesthetic appeal.

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