Metalized Films for Diverse Applications

Dunmore is an industry leading manufacturer of highly technical metalized film. Dunmore's expertise in producing metalized plastic film stretches across a broad spectrum of uses and industries. If you need aluminium metalized films or a copper coated film, Dunmore can provide a metalized film solution utilizing a variety of substrates for your specific application needs.

Metalized Film for Aesthetic Enhancement

Whether you are looking to increase the shelf appeal of your product or need a metal finish for your end product, metallized film is a proven way to achieve your product differentiation. Dunmore's metallized plastic film options are used for labels and packaging to make your product stand out on the shelf. You can find our metallized polyester film used for other graphics applications including signage and point of purchase displays. Customers commonly use metalized polyester film and metalized polyethylene film for these applications. Our visual enhancement technologies with metalized PET film and other types of substrates are not limited to consumer packaging. Metallized surfacing films can also be utilized to give your next appliance or vehicle part the look and feel of real metal.

Metallized Film for Decorative ApplicationsCommon metalized plastic film finishes include:

  • Bright chrome metallized film
  • Gold metallized polyester film
  • Brushed stainless steel film
  • Metal pewter film
  • Matte aluminum metallized film

Dunmore has a strong history of designing custom metallized film to your visual specifications. Speak to us today about your next design concept you would like to bring to market.

Metalized Film for Functional Enhancement

Adding a layer of aluminum or copper to film substrates has multiple functional benefits. Conductivity is a critical property for a variety of applications. Metalized films provide thermal insulation properties for cryogenic application and multilayer insulation film blankets, which are widely used for satellite and spacecraft applications. Other applications for products such as metalized PET film include specifications that require oxygen and moisture barriers, blackout window treatment, medical / healthcare, and reflective insulation used in your home. These are just a few examples of how our partners use metalized films to achieve the critical performance characteristics for their end product.

Types of Metallized Film

Manufucting of Metalized FilmDunmore has a strong background and technical experience metallizing a wide variety of plastic substrates. Some of the common metallized plastic films we produce include:

At Dunmore we have a strong focus on product innovation; we are constantly designing and testing new materials, techniques and technologies. Speak to us today about your metallized film needs. In addition to providing metallized PET films, Dunmore can add other functionalities to products such as metallized polyester film. From print receptive coating, to anti-corrosion coatings, we can further enhance and design the next generation of metallized film for your product design.

Metallized, Metalized, Metallised, or Metalised?

In American English usage, both metallized (with two “l”s) and metalized (with one “l”) are used interchangeabley; neither version is wrong or misspelled. Similarly, in British English, both metallised or metalised are used, though metallised (with two “l”s) seems more prevalent.

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