For 35+ years Dunmore Aerospace has been providing material solutions for the space industry. Our manufacturing expertise and material knowledge has been critical for successful government and private space missions. Dunmore Aerospace is qualified on over 100 specifications for a wide range of space and defense projects. Dunmore Aerospace looks forward to working with you on your next project.

Aluminized Kapton® Film Overview

Dunmore is a leading manufacturer of aluminized Kapton® film, a widely used spacecraft material. There are many technical challenges associated with developing a spacecraft. The harsh space environment requires technical materials that function as a passive thermal management system.

Depending on the mission, a spacecraft can experience moderate to high heat conditions. Aluminized polyimide film reflects the thermal radiation exposure away from the spacecraft. This ensures a stable operating temperature for your critical hardware. Aluminized DuPont™ Kapton® film also protects the spacecraft from other space effects.

Using Aluminized Kapton® Film in an MLI Blanket

Metallized Kapton® films are critical materials used to fabricate multilayer insulation blankets. MLI blankets typically consist of 15 - 40 layers of films and fabrics. Each film layer can serve a different functional purpose in the overall MLI blanket design.

Aluminized polyimide film is commonly used in the following ways in an MLI blanket design:

  • Cover layer
  • Inner reflector layer
  • Inner cover layer
The material protects the spacecraft by reflecting thermal radiation. This results in minimal heat transfer to and from the spacecraft. Metallized polyimide film is also the preferred material for the inner cover layer of an MLI blanket. Unlike polyester based materials, aluminized polyimide film has excellent flame retardant properties.

Aluminized Polyimide Film Applications

Aluminized Kapton ® Film for Satellite MLI
Satellite MLI
Aluminized Kapton ® Film Sunshield
Aluminized Kapton ® Film for Solar Sail
Solar Sail

Reasons to Choose Aluminized Polyimide Film

  • Minimize the heat flow transfer to and from a spacecraft
  • Can withstand the extreme temperatures of space
  • Superior radiation resistance with minimal physical changes
  • Proven spaceflight heritage

Material Performance Characteristics

  • Typical first surface α / ϵ value: 3.5
  • Typical second surface α / ϵ value: 0.63
  • Operating temperature: -250 °C to 290 °C

Aluminized Kapton® Film Product Offerings

  • Product Types: Single Sided Aluminized Kapton® Film / Double Sided Aluminized Kapton® Film (DAK)
  • Thickness Range: 7.6 μm - 127 μm

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