Polyethylene Film (PE Film)

PE or polyethylene is used in greater volume than any other thermoplastic in the world. This low cost, versatile plastic is also the most commonly known because of its use in consumer markets. Polyethylene film is the substrate used for grocery bags and food packaging. Additionally, PE film is frequently thermoformed and manufactured into plastic bottles, medical packaging and other packaging applications.

DUNMORE coats, laminates and metallizes PE film when the product requires advanced performance. Polyethylene's good conformability and seal-ability are inherent characteristics, making the film a viable option for use with other materials to create unique performance characteristics. We provide solutions when the product requires advanced functionality such as specialty packaging, security features and antimicrobial technologies.

Contact Us About PE Film

DUNMORE is a roll-to-roll converter of flexible web substrates including PE film. We coat, metallize and laminate polyethylene film for a variety of end uses. Please contact us for more information on processing technology, product development and PE film.