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Label Stock and Facestock for Graphic Arts & Labeling

DUNMORE's printable label media is the standard for label stock and facestock for the pressure-sensitive label industry. DUNMORE's printable films and coatings are used as facestock for labels, decals, and tags. Our experience in coating, metalizing and laminating technologies has made DUNMORE a leading label material supplier of label stock, facestock and coated film label media. PSA coaters leading the printing and graphic arts industries use our various labelstocks for durable, vibrant and custom applications.

Prime Label Film

Prime label stockDUNMORE label films have become the standard for high-end prime labeling applications when commodity films just won’t do. DUNMORE’s value-added capabilities enhance films to give them better printability, shelf appeal and performance.

DUNMORE doesn’t make films, we make films function by adding technology that brings out the best in your finished product. Through our coatings that enhance print anchorage, to our metallizing that makes a finished label pop, we turn ordinary films into the extraordinary.

Prime label film applications include:

Durable Label Film

Durable label stockDUNMORE’s printable technologies are ideal for durable label applications where lasting performance is the top priority. Our robust coatings are designed to last the life of the product and can be modified with chemical resistance, scratch resistance, flame resistance, barrier properties and many more functional and decorative enhancements.

Durable label film applications:

Label Stock Print Compatibility

Aesthetic Modifications
  • UV Inkjet
  • Water Base Inkjet
  • Ecosolvent Inkjet
  • Laser
  • LED
  • Indigo
  • Kodak Nexpress
  • Xeikon
  • Xerox iGen
Functional Enhancements
  • Flexo
  • Gravure
  • Offset
  • Screen
  • Thermal Transfer

Custom Designed Label Stock

DUNMORE's printable films with various coatings provide specific or multi-function printable properties to the label stock. DUNMORE also manufactures custom label stock as specified by customers. Custom Label Stock

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NOTE: DUNMORE Corporation manufacturers film for sale to pressure sensitive label, tape and other converters. It does not provide pressure sensitive adhesive labels, liners or finished label products.