Printable Films, Printable Media, Label Stock and Topcoats for Graphic Arts & Labeling

DUNMORE’s experience in metalizing, coating, and laminating technologies has established a leadership position in the printable media industry. DUNMORE’s printable media is the standard in label stock and facestock for the pressure-sensitive coating industry where DUNMORE printable films are used as face films for labels, decals, nameplates, and high-tech identification tags.

DUNMORE films are widely used in all aspects of the graphic arts and labeling industries. DUNMORE creates a wide variety of printable top coated films for these technologies:

  • Digital printing
  • Flexographic
  • Thermal transfer
  • Offset printing
  • Inkjet printing

These highly durable printable films are coated with proprietary top coatings to provide specific or multi-functional printable properties to the label stock. DUNMORE also laminates films together to provide unique characteristics when required by customers.

DUNMORE printable films, once coated and laminated into a pressure sensitive construction, are typically used in automotive labels, appliance identification, medical ID bracelets, government and security documents, military identification, food and packaging, electronics labeling and a wide variety of industrial applications. DUNMORE has also engineered custom films precisely tailored to the specifications of individual customer applications through our manufacturing services division.

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NOTE: DUNMORE Corporation manufacturers film for sale to pressure sensitive label, tape and other converters. It does not provide pressure sensitive adhesive labels, liners or finished label products.