Gravure Coating Overview

With over 50 years of gravure coating experience, Dunmore has become a leading manufacturing partner for technical materials. We utilize our gravure coating capabilities to create high performance, multi-functional flexible materials. The gravure roll coating process is used to add unique functionality to flexible substrates such as films, foils, and fabrics.

Our manufacturing services enable you to rapidly bring your new product to market or we can help you optimize your manufacturing capacity. Dunmore’s diverse manufacturing assets can be matched to the scale of your project, whether your project requires high output or you have a speciality project.

Dunmore Gravure Coating

Gravure Coating Process Capabilities

Gravure Coating Methods
  • Direct gravure
  • Reverse gravure
  • Indirect gravure
  • Dual coating technology in-line
Chemistry Handling
  • Types of coatings: solvent, aqueous, UV
  • Coating deposition: 0.25 g/m2 - 50 g/m2
  • Coating thickness (dry): <1 micron - 50 microns
  • Viscosity: < 500 cP
Drying Capabilities
  • Oven temperature: up to 400 ° F
  • Dryer zones: 1 to 5
  • UV curing system
Substrate Processing
  • Types of materials: films, foils, fabrics, paper
  • Material thickness: 0.25 - 20 mils
  • Roll widths: 24" - 80"
  • Roll size: up to 40" outside diameter

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