Gemini Coater & Laminator

Gemini Twin Coater Laminators

Dunmore has expanded its U.S. and European manufacturing capacity for high-performance thin film products with major investments in new production lines at its facilities in New York and Germany.

The two production lines are the centerpiece of Dunmore's Gemini Series coating and laminating process. Gemini is designed to make production of the most technically challenging functionall film materials a normal manufacturing process. It combines the two multi-function coating and laminating machines with Dunmore 48-plus years of experience in advanced coated film production.

Gemini Coating & Laminating Process

Dunmore created the Gemini process to address strategic partners' growing needs for increasingly complex filmic products.

Additional Gemini capabilities include:

  • Dual coating capabilities for applying multiple coatings in one pass or coating both sides in a single pass.
  • A five-zone dryer system for drying coatings on the first pass and processing a wider range of materials and calipers.
  • A dual load tension control system that handles a wide range of substrates.
  • Auto splicing for high efficiency and productivity.

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