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For 30+ years we have built a reputation for excellence in engineered films, foils and fabrics for aircraft and spacecraft applications. Our products are qualified on over 100 specifications covering commercial, defense, military, and space program applications. Whether you need us to design a new custom product or need help solving an unexpected challenge, at Dunmore Aerospace we stand ready to go...Above and Beyond

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Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD) Film Overview

DUNMORE - Aerospace ESD FilmSTARcrest™ electrostatic dissipative or antistatic films are engineered protective films designed for the storage and packaging of sensitive spacecraft equipment and components. Our electrostatic dissipative films are manufactured against a strict set of criteria for workmanship and cleanliness. Starcrest ESD films are held to the same high standards as our flight qualified MLI materials.

Starcrest ESD films are commercially available in 1mil and 2mil thicknesses at widths up to 60" wide and with standard and customized finished roll lengths. Contact Us to find out more about using Starcrest ESD film for you applications.

ESD Film Testing

Starcrest ESD films have undergone extensive testing including NASA*, ASTM and MIL STD for outgassing, non-volatile residue, electrostatic dissipation, cleanliness and hypergol compatibility. Starcrest ESD materials met or exceeded the specified requirements.

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***NASA does not endorse commercial products or service.