Metalized Polyester Film Overview

Dunmore is a leading manufacturer of aluminized polyester film materials, which are widely used for spacecraft applications. The highly technical requirements of space require materials that will perform over the life of the mission. Metalized polyester films are primarily used as the inner layers of a spacecraft MLI blanket. They act as reflector layers against thermal radiation conditions experienced in space.

Using Aluminized Polyester Film for MLI Blankets

Multilayer insulation blankets consist of 15 to 40 layers of various functional films and fabrics. Aluminized polyester films play a critical role in the design and performance of MLI blankets. Single sided aluminized polyester film and double sided aluminized polyester film are used as the inner, reflective layers of an MLI blanket. The low absorptance materials help minimize radiant heat transfer to and from your spacecraft.

Metalized polyester films are used in low to moderate heat applications. Metalized polyester MLI blankets are also often used for thermal control applications within the spacecraft. It is not recommended to use metalized polyester film for the outer cover layer of an MLI blanket.

Reasons to Choose Aluminized Polyester Film

  • Minimizes the heat flow transfer to and from a spacecraft
  • Used for low to moderate temperature applications
  • Proven spacefilight heritage

Material Performance

  • Typical first surface α / ϵ value: 3.5
  • Typical second surface α / ϵ value: 0.62
  • Operating Temperature: -250 °C to 120 °C

Metalized Polyester Film Applications

Dunmore Metalized Polyester Film - Satellite MLI
Satellite MLI
Dunmore Aluminumized Polyester Film - Payload Fairing
Payload Fairing

Inflatable Structures
Dunmore Metalized Polyester Film - Fuel Tank MLI
Propellant Tanks

Aluminized Polyester Film Product Offerings

  • Product Types: Single Sided Aluminized Polyester Film / Double Sided Aluminized Polyester Film (DAM)
  • Thickness Range: 6.4 μm - 127 μm
  • Products are available with various perforation patterns

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