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For 30+ years we have built a reputation for excellence in engineered films, foils and fabrics for aircraft and spacecraft applications. Our products are qualified on over 100 specifications covering commercial, defense, military, and space program applications. Whether you need us to design a new custom product or need help solving an unexpected challenge, at Dunmore Aerospace we stand ready to go...Above and Beyond.

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Protective Films & Decorative Films for Aircraft Interiors

Protective Films

Aircraft Interior FilmsDunmore's protective films and film laminates have been widely used to extend the life of aircraft interiors surfaces. Whether you are looking for added value PVF film or unique surface protection film, Dunmore materials are an ideal solution for application. Our aircraft surfacing film products and protective films can be designed to provide you with the following functional characteristics:

  • Anti fingerprint film
  • Chemical and stain resistant surface protection film
  • Easy to clean film laminates
  • Moisture barrier film
  • Scratch resistant film
  • Textured films

In Dunmore’s 20+ years of designing and manufacturing surfacing film, we’ve developed unique adhesive systems to bond engineered technical films to challenging substrates. Dunmore has advanced surfacing film and adhesive systems to protect your aircraft interiors product and add new functionality to your design.

Decorative Films

For over 25 years, Dunmore Aerospace has been a partner to the top aircraft OEMs and sub-tier aircraft interior suppliers. One of the primary applications of Dunmore films in the aircraft interiors market are decorative films. Decorative films can be integrated with interior panels, galleys, seats, and other parts of the aircraft interior. Dunmore’s decorative laminates and decorative films are a critical design feature that impacts the consumer flight experience.

Dunmore has a wide variety of decorative film options to meet your aesthetic needs. With a history of working with the fashion and wallcovering industry, Dunmore has developed a large portfolio of decorative films that can be used for aircraft interior applications. Whether you are looking for a unique color or a metallized decorative film, Dunmore can provide you with the right decorative design option. If you are looking for a new aircraft interior design feature that does not exist in the market, Dunmore can work with your team to develop a new decorative film that will set you apart.

Working to Design Your Next Generation Aircraft Interior Products

Dunmore has a history of working on challenging projects from NASA space missions to the next generation of aircraft thermal acoustic insulation films. Working with high value, high performance materials is in our DNA. As a result, Dunmore has worked on every new aircraft interior design for the top OEMs and tier 1 suppliers. This includes over 7 major commercial jetliner series, and over 35 models.

The next generation of high performance and lightweight aircraft interior products will require more than off the shelf film products and film laminates. During the aircraft interior design phase of your project, Dunmore’s experience in the following areas will help make your next aircraft interior project a success:

  • Dunmore has 45 years of experience handling and modifying hundreds of diverse film substrates.
  • Knowledge of film technologies that are used for diverse applications and markets.
  • Proven track record of developing and commercializing high performance films and laminates that provide multi-functional properties.

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