About DUNMORE Aerospace

DUNMORE Aerospace, a focused business unit dedicated to the development of aircraft and spacecraft materials, has Aircraft Materials qualified on over 100 civil and military aircraft applications. Whether you need us to design a new custom product from scratch or help you solve an unexpected challenge, at DUNMORE Aerospace we stand ready to go...Above and Beyond.

Aircraft Insulation

Aircraft insulationDUNMORE Aerospace aircraft insulation films are used in a variety of applications on the aircraft to enhance thermal, acoustic, anti-vibration, fire-barrier, and electrical insulation properties. As the key components of thermal insulation and acoustic insulation systems, these aircraft insulation films fill the space between the interior wall and fuselage of the aircraft. The thermal insulation system helps maintain a comfortable interior environment while the aircraft is in flight, and also dramatically reduces noise levels, and has anti-vibration properties. The quietest and most comfortable aircraft today rely on DUNMORE Aerospace to provide high performance laminate film materials that consistently exceed their performance requirements.

DUNMORE Aerospace has been a trusted supplier to the aviation industry for over twenty years Whether you are interested in the performance of the interior films, decorative laminate films you can see, or laminate films used for thermal acoustic insulation that is hidden behind the aircraft wall, you can be assured that DUNMORE Aerospace will provide the highest quality and performance materials you demand.

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