DUNMORE Introduces a New Bright Metallized LDPE Film Product

Dunmore has developed and commercialized a new metallized LDPE film for the label and graphics market. The bright metal PE (polyethylene) film has a print receptive surface, which provides excellent adhesion and print quality.

Bristol, PA, May 13, 2020 – Dunmore announced today the introduction of a new bright metallized polyethylene film product. The new film has a print receptive surface that is compatible with various printing inks and formats. The metallized LDPE film can be used for products including labels, packaging, and other graphics applications. The aluminum coated PE film is an excellent choice for applications that require a higher degree of conformability.

 Dunmore Metallized LDPE FilmLow density polyethylene (LDPE) film is a challenging material to metallize given the low heat tolerance and higher haze levels of the raw film. Oftentimes metallizing LDPE film creates a film that looks very dull. Since shelf appeal and attracting the consumers attention is critical, developing a product that provides a brilliant finish was the main challenge to overcome. With Dunmore’s innovation, the company was able to solve this problem and produce a bright, printable metallized polyethylene film.

The new metallized polyethylene film product is well suited for packaging and various graphics applications. The print receptive surface helps improve print quality and adhesion with a variety of printing formats. By utilizing an LDPE film, this metallized film provides greater design flexibility for conformable applications.

According to Neil Gillespie, Vice President of R&D, “Developing a bright, reflective metallized LDPE film presented various challenges during the development process. Through ingenuity and hard work, Dunmore has commercialized a product that will benefit the graphics industry.”

Dunmore is a global manufacturer of engineered coated and laminated films and foils. Dunmore offers film conversion services such as coating, metallizing, and laminating along with contract film manufacturing and custom film product development. Dunmore produces coated film, metallized film and laminating film substrates for the aircraft, spacecraft, photovoltaic, graphic arts, packaging, insulation, and electronics industries. Dunmore is a Steel Partners company, ISO 9001:2015 and OSHA VPP Star certified.

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