DUNMORE Announces 50th Anniversary

Dunmore, a materials manufacturing company announces 50 years of business in April, 2020. Dunmore started as a small operation in New Jersey and has grown to over 200 employees with sites located in the US and Germany.

Bristol, PA, April 01, 2020 – Dunmore today announces the 50th anniversary of being in the business of manufacturing functional materials for diverse applications. The organization was founded by Michael Sullivan in 1970. The company started in a 2,700 square foot facility in New Jersey and has expanded to three facilities that service customers around the globe. The company began with an entrepreneurial spirit and a philosophy that focused on research and development and engineering. Solving customer problems has been a key part of Dunmore’s success over the past 50 years. It has allowed the organization to grow long-term partnerships in diverse markets.

 DUNMORE 50th AnniversaryIn 1970, Dunmore started with the idea that there were new opportunities available for technical film materials and unique solutions were needed in markets that were not being adequately served. Since 1970, Dunmore has evolved with the ever changing world, but the core idea remains. From providing new materials for the expanding aerospace industry to supporting green energy technologies, Dunmore has continued to adapt to the changing world. During the 50 year journey, Dunmore has grown to three manufacturing sites: Bristol, PA and Brewster, NY in the USA, and Freiburg Germany. Each site continues to expand its capabilities to meet the new needs of customers.

According to Tom Rimel, Dunmore’s President, "The principles and philosophy of the organization since the beginning have been critical to the sustained success of the business. We look forward to the evolution of the organization as we strive to better serve our customers and partners."

This is a proud moment for the organization, but Dunmore recognizes the need to look ahead and continuously adapt to new business environments. Placing the needs of the customer first and innovating with them will continue to be critical for the future success of the company.

Dunmore is a global manufacturer of engineered coated and laminated films and foils. Dunmore offers film conversion services such as coating, metalizing and laminating along with contract film manufacturing and custom film product development. Dunmore produces coated film, metallized film and laminating film substrates for the aircraft, spacecraft, photovoltaic, graphic arts, packaging, insulation, and electronics industries. Dunmore is a Steel Partners company, ISO 9001:2015 and OSHA VPP Star certified.

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