Dunmore films and laminates adds protection and decorative effects to the surface of a wide variety of plastic, metal, and wood products.

Dunmore films laminated to treated or prepainted metal provide a long-lasting finish. A variety of standard and custom-colored Dunmore laminating films can be "dry" heat-bonded or "wet" adhesive bonded to the metal surface.

When laminated to rigid or flexible PVC, ABS, High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), pre-treated steel, pressed board or hardwood, Dunmore films provide a long-lasting finish.

Dunmore films are abrasion and tarnish-resistant. Dunmore films will not degrade over time and can be designed with integrated UV and weather resistance. This makes Dunmore films ideal for a mirror, brass, chrome, high-gloss color, wood-look or combination surfaces.

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