Engineering Services Program

SmoothStart™ Engineering Services Program helps customers start their production runs sooner and significantly reduce material waste.

SmoothStart for PV Module Manufacturers

DUNMORE provides a PV engineer on our customer's floor during the initial production trials to optimize the laminator recipe. This partnership, early in the process, reduces the learning curve to save time and money.

SmoothStart includes:

  • Pre-meeting with both parties quality and engineering groups to clarify the specification and variances between backsheets.
  • DUNMORE engineering on-site for initial production run.
  • Planned Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimize laminating recipe and reduce cycle time.
  • On-site training of personnel on backsheet construction and quality.
  • Follow-up maintenance visits / audits to assure continued success.
  • The DUNMORE SmoothStart Program is not only for start-up laminators. We can assist current producers looking to qualify alternate backsheets and EVA's to reduce cycle time and maximize throughput.

Contact Us for More Information on Our SmoothStart Program

Please Contact Us for more information on SmoothStart engineering services program.