Film and Foil Converting

DUNMORE Corporation is a global manufacturer of coated films, foils, laminates. For over 45 years, DUNMORE has designed and commercialized specialty materials to diverse markets that require highly technical coatings and laminations. Years of experience in innovative, technology driven markets has proven invaluable as DUNMORE continues to service the lithium ion battery and fuel cell market.

Foil Coatings and Laminates for Battery Applications

DUNMORE applies precision coatings to foil substrates to add a number of functionalities to battery components. Whether you are looking for a manufacturer of primed foil/current collectors, or battery pouches for fuel cells and lithium ion batteries, DUNMORE can meet your needs. Functional foil coatings include:

  • Primer coatings
    • Carbon black primer
    • Conductive primer
  • Adhesion promoters / Electro adhesion coating
  • Corrosion resistant coatings

DUNMORE’s primer coatings for thin foils such as aluminum foil play an important role in the construction and performance of your battery design. Using precision coating techniques gives optimal performance to your battery technology as you introduce different electrode materials to the lithium ion battery construction.

Battery Component Converting Capabilities

DUNMORE’s contract manufacturing services can service your commercialization needs, or provide R&D support during the design phase of your project. DUNMORE can coat, laminate, and slit aluminum foil, copper foil, stainless steel foil, and other foils. The organization has a history of successfully processing thin foils and thin films that are often difficult to handle.

DUNMORE’s capabilities include:

  • Dual side coating
  • Lane coating
  • From .36 mil – 8 mil foil thickness
  • Annealed (soft) through H19 temper foils
  • 14" - 60" wide
  • Drying to 350°F
  • Roll diameter up to 32”, weights to 2000 lbs

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