About DUNMORE Aerospace

DUNMORE Aerospace, a focused business unit dedicated to the development of aircraft and spacecraft materials, has Aircraft Materials qualified on over 100 civil and military aircraft applications. Whether you need us to design a new custom product from scratch or help you solve an unexpected challenge, at DUNMORE Aerospace we stand ready to go...Above and Beyond.

Aircraft Interior Coverings & Films

Aircraft interior during assemblyDUNMORE Aerospace interior films are used to provide cleanable, durable, interior surfaces for commercial aircraft worldwide. These aircraft interior films are designed to be visually appealing and function as a protective layer for the aircraft interior. Aircraft interior films for aircraft interiors are designed to tolerate persistent use, while maintaining their chemical and scuff resistance, and keeping the interior looking newer longer. Major OEMs and interiors suppliers rely on DUNMORE Aerospace to provide high performance films and high quality laminate films to fit all their various interiors applications.

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