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  • scan the appropriate QR code below with your phone's barcode scanner
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  • search the Android/Apple market for DUNMORE SunFinder

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About DUNMORE SunFinder

DUNMORE's SunFinder helps solar module installers position modules for maximum productivity. It instantly calculates how much sunlight will shine on a module and estimates how much electricity it will produce in a year. It's also helpful to anyone who needs to know how much sunlight a specific area receives in a year - farmers, gardeners, etc. Optimal orientation is one of the major factor in of solar modules' success, the other being use of high-quality high-quality materials, such as the module's backsheet and solar glass. , optimal positioning helps installers avoid costly re-work and under-warranty repairs.

  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Works by positioning and tilting your iPhone as if it were a photovoltaic module. It calculates the annual solar radiation and automatically provides instant calculations an has a built in reporting tool.
  • PRECISE LOCATING: Tells the GPS coordinates of your position, the azimuth angle (compared to the south) and the tilt angle of the installation and performs its calculations extracting data from its database of solar radiation.
  • GLOBAL WEATHER DATA: Contains weather data for thousands of locations around the globe. For example, DUNMORE SunFinder can provide users with weather profiles for 240 specific locations in the USA.
  • REPORTING: Automatically compiles data - position coordinates, azimuth, tilt, reference data points, yearly solar radiation, and yearly average PV production - in e-mails for fast and easy distribution.